Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy applies to (the “Site”), which is owned and operated by RBR Global, LLC. (“RBR” “we” or “our”).


At RBR, we recognize and respect your privacy. This Privacy Policy explains how we collect, use, and disclose personally identifying information (“Personal Information”) gathered through our Site. This Privacy Policy applies only to information collected through our Site. It does not address our collection of Personal Information from other sources, such as from sales representatives including any independent sales or marketing representative who may refer you or your business to us (“ISO”). Note that this is a business-to-business, not a consumer, website and that we also collect information regarding businesses. Again, this Privacy Policy applies to Personal Information about individuals and not to information about businesses. The Privacy Policy is subject to and incorporates by reference our Terms of Use, including its limitation on liability. We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy from time to time. You should check here periodically to review our current Privacy Policy, which is effective as of the revision date listed above. Your use of our Site and submission of Personal Information online constitutes acceptance and understanding of the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use as in effect at the time of your submission to or use of said Site(s).



You may browse our Site without creating an online account, but to use certain features you or your ISO may be required to create an account. When you create an account with us, we may collect your name, email address, contact information, a username and password that you will use to access your account and other information. In addition, to submit a question, comment, or post to a blog, you may be required to submit your name and email address, and we may also ask you for other optional information, such as your business’s website address.


We also collect information from you if you log into our Site through an account created with a third-party website (e.g., QuickBooks, Facebook, or LinkedIn). The option to access our Site via these third-party websites may occur and will be entirely at your option. The information we are able to migrate to our Site from these third-party websites will depend on the privacy settings that you have in place with the third-party site from which you log in. If you choose to log into the Site via a third-party website, you hereby consent to our access to and collection of such Personal Information about you. We also collect the following types of Personal Information through the Site:


  1. Business owner contact information (such as name, address, email address, and phone number) and individual job information (such as job title)
  2. Personal and financial information necessary to assess your eligibility to work with RBR or one of its partners or ISOs
  3. Optional Personal Information you may wish to share in the furtherance of your application
  4. Information about your visits to and use of this Site or the websites of third-party servicers to help us maintain the appropriate features, functionality, and user experience
  5. Information to verify an individual’s identity (including social security number, user name and password, and other data elements such as driver’s license number and age or date of birth)
  6. Individual financial or credit bureau information (such as a business owner’s credit score, credit history, and bank account information)
  7. Personal Information contained in government filings or legal agreements (such as corporate formation agreements, business licenses, lease or loan agreements, and business tax returns)
  8. Information uploaded by users to our Site, such as your driver’s license, pictures of your business, and bank statements
  9. Any other Personal Information you submit or upload through our Site or to one of our email addresses

10.Your or your business’s geolocation, through various GPS or other geolocator tools that use the IP address of your or your ISOs device to detect a user’s location


We may also append to the Personal Information collected through our Site data or an ISO’s new or other data that we receive from other sources, such as public records, demographic information, and other background information supplied by information services or third parties.


In addition, we automatically collect through our Site information that is often not personally identifying, such as the website from which you came to our Site and your IP address, browser type, and other information relating to the device through which you access the Site. We may combine this information with the Personal Information we have collected from you.



Some information collected from you is required and some is optional; some will remain private and some will be shared with third parties. Additional information may be gathered during your subsequent use of the Site, whenever you choose to provide it.


Certain Personal Information must be supplied to determine eligibility for factoring and to verify and guard against potential fraud.


We will use this information to request a credit report from a credit bureau to determine your creditworthiness as well as to help assess your factoring request in the context of your overall financial situation. We will also use your required and optional information to facilitate activities and transactions that need to occur during the factoring process.


We use the Personal Information you provide us and allow us access as described herein for the following purposes:


  1. Respond to requests or inquiries, and for similar, customer-service-related purposes
  2. Evaluate your business’s or customers’ eligibility for products provided by or through RBR or its affiliates
  3. Effectuate or enforce a transaction or agreement
  4. Adjust offerings or services, provided by or through RBR or its affiliates, to your business and to tailor the information we send or display to you
  5. Provide you with information about our company or products-provided by or through RBR or its affiliates-that we believe you may find of interest, including marketing and promotional e-mails
  6. Authenticate visitors to our Site
  7. Improve our Site, offerings or services provided by or through RBR or its affiliates
  8. Better understand how users access and use our Site, and offerings provided by or through RBR or its affiliates, on an aggregated and individualized basis


We may disclose Personal Information to third parties for the following purposes:

  1. To provide you with information relating to products or services that we believe you may find of interest
  2. In response to a subpoena or other legal process by a governmental entity or third party, or if otherwise required by law
  3. To protect or enforce our rights or property
  4. In the event of the sale or dissolution (bankruptcy) of assets, in whole or in part, of our business or any of its affiliates
  5. To third parties involved in the process of providing services to us or you or performing functions on our behalf, such as contractors, customer service providers (e.g., information technology or human resources consultants or service providers), credit bureaus, and collection agencies
  6. To our affiliates and subsidiaries for marketing purposes, or for product or service delivery
  7. To the ISO that referred you to us-for example, in connection with reporting on your progress in the application process or in connection with calculating or reporting on the commission due to the referral source or otherwise
  8. To our lenders, investors, partners, or auditors in the course of their review or auditing us
  9. To provide products or services requested

10.To our vendors, who may use the information to further improve their database services to us


Notwithstanding anything else in the Privacy Policy, we may share aggregate or personally identifying information about users with third parties for marketing, advertising, research, or other business purposes.